Silhouette : Vinyl Sampler Pack - Carbon Fiber

Silhouette : Vinyl Sampler Pack - Carbon Fiber

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This vinyl's carbon fiber surface appearance provides a unique look.The stronger permanent adhesive allows for application for more tactile surfaces, such as the back of a mobile phone or interior car panels.

Vinyl can be loaded directly into a Silhouette cutting machine and does not require the use of a cutting mat.

Recommended use with transfer tape to move cut-out image from original material backing onto intended project surface.

  • Surface Color: Black, White, and Gold (with carbon fiber pattern texture)
  • Size: 9 inch width x 24 inch length
  • Material Format: Sheets
  • Adhesive Backing: Stronger permanent adhesive
  • Printable Surface: No

Vinyl Sampler Pack - Carbon Fiber- 3 Sheet: 22.9cm x 60cm